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Out of nowhere our cat was drooling profusely. After a few hours I decided to take him into urgent care. There wasn't any inclination as to what was going on upon our initial exam and the doctor wanted to keep the kitty overnight. Once again, during the estimate for cost consultation, it was so soothing to not have to worry about the vet's offer; I could just focus on making the decision of what was right for my cat to get him the care that he needs. After two nights in the urgent care with a multitude of blood tests, x-rays, lots of sedation, and an exploratory scope, we found that kitty had eaten some thick sawgrass that had cut on the way down and was stuck in his belly, slowly digesting. The doctors were able to remove the blades of grass and our cat was feeling better in no time. Once again the Healthy Paws team was great at helping me submit my claim and contact the vet office to make sure all of the correct paperwork had been filed. After our claim was submitted we received our refund check in about 8 days (including a holiday weekend). We were thankful that everything with our cat was alright and also that we didn't have to choose between cost and care. Healthy Paws, once again, gave us great peace of mind during a time when you only want to focus on the needs of your pets. We love our pets like family, Healthy Paws helps us to take care of them like family.

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Excessive drooling
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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