Beofe choosing VPI undertand whtat they cover

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Beware of their definition of "incident". My dog went into surgery to have her spleen and tumor removed. Simple surgery, out the next day. Estimate of $4,500. While in surgery they found an ulcer had perorated her intestines and she had major surgery that caused her to be in ICU for 8 days. One had nothing to do with the other. Then the results came back that the tumor was cancer so then chemo started. All three situations are considered "one episode" with a max benefit of $4,500 for a total cost of close to $25,000. But if I had the spleen removed, had them sew her back up, discharge next day, and then readmitted then that would have been considered another episode. That is cruel. So think good and hard. If you were like me I was looking for something that would help cover the extreme situations and have Bella's best interest at heart. This is not the company to choose. My last $750 bill for chemo and ultrasound I was reimbursed thirty nine cents. I am reporting them to the PA Insurance board.

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