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The insurance industry is, in my opinion, never quite as good as you hope it to be. So with some reservations I opted to take out insurance on our two beagles when we got them two years ago. Jump forward to now and one of them developed a Stage 1 Malignant tumor, that was surgically removed. I prepare my paperwork and submit it, only to have it rejected for incomplete medical records. I was furious, lamenting the typical response of insurance companies to reject first time, only to then realize that it was my mistake and I had only emailed one years worth of records, despite very clear instructions from petplan that they required two. At this point I am sure you are bored of this review, but this is the punch line, I emailed the complete pack to petplan on Thursday afternoon at 5:23pm. I had a check in my hand by Monday afternoon - I was absolutely blown away by the efficient and speedy way they processed and got payment to me - truly excellent. They covered exactly what they said they would and my vet bill of about $700 produced an insurance check for $450. Based on this experience I would recommend this company to anyone

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Malignant Tumor
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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