Read the fine print---TWICE

Out of 10

The insurance is good but....Don't get a full year of preventive flea/tick. They will only partially reimburse a 6 months supply.

Also if your dog gets injured or sick within the 1st 12 months, your screwed. But I guess in that regard it is the same as with human medical insurance. More pages of what is NOT covered and limitation on timeframe for what is covered.

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slipped disc, back leg paralysis
Claim Amount
Over $1000

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 02/29/2016

I am sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your pet insurance policy from PetFirst. Our routine care riders are intended to help with some routine care costs, and unfortunately are not able to cover all wellness expenses. I'd love to learn more about your claim so we can explain the details of why something may not be covered in the first 12 months. Our policies have the shortest waiting periods with accident coverage starting at midnight following activation and illnesses covered 14-days later. We do list our exclusions on our website (, as well as in the policy packet. There are two exclusions that require a 12-month wait on Intervertebral Disc Disease and cruciate ligaments. If you could email me at, I'd love to discuss your coverage and explain the details of why your claim may have been denied. Chelsea Mull, Digital Marketing Manager