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I read up on pet insurance before I got Leo. I ended up choosing Healthy Paws and signed Leo up for the insurance when he was about 6 months old. Healthy Paws appealed to me because it has an annual deductible (vs. a per incident deductible), and covered genetic conditions too. Because I chose to sign Leo up for insurance when he was young, we didn't have pre-existing conditions that would be excluded in insurance. The customer service reps at Healthy Paws are quick to answer questions--by email or phone--and I loved that during my insurance search.
In the two years I have had Leo, we have used his insurance for a bout of tummy issues and dehydration that required an overnight stay at the vet (~$500), and surgery for his left hind ACL tear and luxating patella fix (~$2,000). Healthy Paws is also great in covering holistic treatment options, and has covered Leo's laser therapy treatments to aid in his recovery from surgery. In addition, Healthy Paws has covered Leo's prescription probiotics, glucosamine supplements, and pain meds that were necessary because of his surgery.

Healthy Paws has been quick to reimburse me for the covered costs (which is basically everything but the cost of vet exam) and I typically get a check in the mail in about a week. Healthy Paws also recently added an App that makes submitting a claim even easier! I just take a picture of the vet invoice and click the "submit" button.

Leo has been covered by Healthy Paws for a couple of years now and we have been so happy with our choice in pet insurance! I love that I can choose the best care for Leo without worrying about cost. The idea of pet insurance may seem silly, but opting for insurance, and choosing Healthy Paws, has definitely proven to be a great decision!

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ACL/LP Leg Surgery
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