Justin Worthington: extremely helpful Petplan rep.

Out of 10

Recently received much needed help in adjusting Petplan coverage for my many animals insured with Petplan. Justin Worthington was exceedingly patient and helpful, explaining to me in detail what I could expect from proposed changes. I think he helped me arrive at reasonable choices. While insurance is always a bit of a gamble between being over or under insured, one never quite knows what's coming our way. it does help to have someone that knows what they are doing help with the decision making. I have had several pets insured with Petplan over the last few years. One year alone provided nearly $10,000 in reimbursement on our large dog, Lilli, who required knee surgery and stem cell treatments for arthritis. One thing I like about Petplan is that they are totally willing to cover experimental treatments as well as holistic supplements. As long as your vet approves, there's no argument using all monies from your allotted level anyway wished. Not so with some other insurance companies I've been with and dropped. I found that VPI set ridiculouly low limits on conditions. So Petplan is great in that regard. I've had some arguments over the years over what they deemed --- at a stretch --- were pre-existing conditions. But following challenges from me and supporting letters from my vets, issues were resolved in my favor and claims paid. I have also seen my premiums rise substantially as my pets have aged. One reason I've been scaling back coverage a bit. Also had a few claims processed incorrectly, so sometimes you need to keep an eye on things. But even with these hiccups that have come over an extended period of years, overall, I'm very pleased with this insurance. And again, kudo's to Mr. Worthington and thanks for his extensive help! It's representatives like him, conscientious and kind, that make me want to stay with Petplan longterm!

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knee surgery and arthritis treatments
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

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1 - 8

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