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When I enrolled my four dogs in Healthy Paws pet insurance, I did so after a great deal of research and careful budgeting of my income. From past experience, I knew that pet surprises, illnesses, and accidents could rapidly put a huge hole in a household budget. I never wanted to experience that anxiety, on top of the anxiety of worrying about an ill pet, ever again.
Recently, one of my Mexican Hairless dogs, Frankie, took it into his head to eat some rocks. And a piece of plastic. By the time his regular vet examined him he was going into shock. It was clear he needed immediate surgery and overnight care, and even with those interventions his prognosis was dicey. Frankie's vet referred him to a surgeon at the local emergency veterinary clinic. It was an immense relief to be able to tell that surgeon "do what you need to do and do it quickly" knowing that most of the cost of the interventions would be covered by Healthy Paws.

It has been over a week since Frankie had part of his intestines removed, and he is just now getting back to his usual bouncy, loud, playful self. I am thrilled that he came through the surgery alive and well, and I am ALSO thrilled that Healthy Paws promptly processed the claim. Out of a surgical bill for nearly $3,200.00, Healthy Paws reimbursed over $2,600. Thanks, Healthy Paws, for taking some of the anxiety out of Frankie's recent health scare.

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ingestion of foreign bodies
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Over $1000

Mexican Hairless Dog

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1 - 8

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