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My husband and I are in complete agreement with regard to our experiences with your company. We do thank you for taking the time out to follow up on our concerns regarding claims payment. This is greatly appreciated and serves to confirm the genuine care and high level of quality customer service that your customer care department provides. This is indeed something that is not often seen these days. The follow up that we have received from managementand your customer care department has been spot on with regards to quality. We have always been treated with the highest degree of professionalism and warmth when we have contacted your customer care department.
Unfortunately, with regards to claims payment, there has been some confusion regarding this. When we initially came on board with Embrace, the health records for our two fury children were requested and were provided by our veterinarian. I personally gave the written request and watched the office staff pull and fax the records to Embrace. Soon after, I brought my dogs in for wellness care and there seemed to be no problem. However later, the wellness and non-wellness claims that we submitted were being basically placed on hold pending receipt of information requested from the provider. Our Veterinarian responded to Embrace's requests. Also upon our inquiry, they confirmed with us that they twice re-faxed over the health record for one of our dogs per embraces's request. Further, notifications were not sent to or received by us about the delays. We only became aware of this after we called in to inquire about claims status and checked for status on the website which is a nice feature to have). We believe that the problems we incurred were due to the fact that we were not made aware of some of the procedures that your company has with regards to claims processing. In all of our claims submissions we have provided the billing statements from our veterinary provider along with the receipt showing payment. Apparently Embrace requires that providers fill out the claims form provided by Embrace. Our veterinarian does not do billing for services and believed it to be sufficient to provide us with an itemized statement. We have a great relationship with our veterinarian and they have always been timely in responding to our requests. Since then, they have made some exceptions for us in this area and have begun completing the forms for us for submission to you. Thus far, we believe that this ar

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Labrador Mix

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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