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I've had my dog insured with Healthy Paws for over a year and I have NEVER been more proud to call myself a customer. They are fantastic with coverage, super fast with payouts, I always get to talk to a live person if I call them with a question (and in this day in age it's almost unheard of!), and best of all you really get the sense that they care about your animals just as much as they do! Best of all they have an APP for submitting claims. Things just got so much easier. I really can't recommend them enough - I have never had a problem.
I love the fact and I can pick deductible and coverage level, I also love the fact that there's no limits (lifetime, yearly, or per incident), and it really gives me peace of mind to know that if something every truly horrible (and costly) was to happen with my dog, he would be covered and they would really care about how he was doing too!

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pinned his paw in a crate
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Dutch Shepherds

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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