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Dixie is kennel for 4 hours a day because of my husband and my work schedules. However, one day when we got home she had diarrhea in her kennel. We watched her for the following days and took it easy on feeding her. She seemed back to her normal self Saturday night but Sunday morning that changed. I woke up to her laid up again the wall whining. I then had to help her get up and get back to her bed. I went back to bed for an hour or so and heard her whining again, but this time when I went to check on her should couldn't even walk/stand up. We immediately took her into the ER vet. My husband was raised with hunting dogs and the thought of if they don't serve a purpose they are useless. However, I was raised with dogs being a family member. It was great knowing we had insurance and only would need to cover 20% of her care (and I would probably do anything to have her normal and back in the house). Our initial estimate was over $1400 but both my husband and I were alright with this number because we had health insurance on her. We filed her claim the following weekend and once Healthy Paws received all (three different vets because we have to move a lot) her previous health docs, it took 3 days to get the email letting me know our claim was settled and a check was on the way! There is no hesitation in going to the ER vet because we know we have great insurance on her!

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Dogo Argentino

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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