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Our Belle was ultimately diagnosed with a rare, life threatening skin disease that ravaged her body inside and out. It was a long road to diagnosis and recovery as we watched the bills pile up. Two weeks in the hospital, multiple tests and treatments. She was a very sick pup. Somewhere along the line I called PetPlan and asked what my policy covered. They said everything. While I had done a lot of research prior to selecting PetPlan, I was still thinking that surely that wasn't possible. PetPlan was/is amazing. The kind compassionate voices on the phone were incredible. The website and app are very clear on how to submit a claim. After submitting the claim I was notified immediately and kept updated on the progress of the claim. Less than a week after submission I get an e-mail saying the claim has been processed and a check is on the way. Again, doubting that it could possibly cover everything (we were in to 5 figures), I held my breath waiting for the arrival of the reimbursement. Everything WAS covered. There was no back and forth. No additional information needed. And the customer service and care with which we were treated are simply outstanding. I work with a rescue and foster puppies (over 300 to date). I already tell adopters about the value of pet insurance but now I can also give a glowing endorsement of PetPlan. Now on to Yelp to spread the good news. I am so grateful to PetPlan. Thank you is not nearly enough.

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Skin problem



Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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