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Since day 1 Petsecure has done everything they could to avoid paying me a penny. Since I my dog, I've had to pay over $3000 worth of pet bills as she was a rescue and not in the greatest shape. Her only problem was that she has a really bad immune system which caused her to pretty much catch anything around her.
When I signed up wit Petsecure I was very clear and honest by telling them that she has previously suffered from Coccidiam which I fully understood should be excluded until further review. This parasite caused her to have flaky skin and a reduced immune system.

When 3 months later she caught a skin parasite, the insurance refused to cover it although I had a letter from my vet stating that this condition had been tested negative in the past and was only recent. Their excuse: there were previous symptoms of that disease..... Lie, there clearly was not.

A month later, she got Giardia, now that was denied too because supposedly, she had an exclusion for "internal parasite". Now that's when I lost it and decide it was time to cancel my policy! I had received a letter from Petsecure in the passed stating that the "internal parasite was only concerning the Coccidian". So although the I actually had proof, it was written in my contract, in ink that she was only excluded for Coccidian they still wouldn't hear it.

These people are crooks, they don't deliver the service that you pay for and they act as if they could simply decide wether to cover things or not without actually playing by the rules and by the contract.

I am not debating whether to get my lawyer involved as there is more than $1000 worth of fee that should've been covered so far.

Anyhow, bottom line is, I strongly, strongly suggest you go look somewhere else when chosing an insurance!

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 09/01/2015

Sounds familiar... One of our cats got a viral infection in his lungs and they refused to pay saying it was an underlying condition. How absurd eh! Then they changed his policy stating under exclusions and I quote "Any illness of unknown origin " haha that covers their butt six ways to Saturday now doesnt it? After he got extremely sick after that we had to get the vets to write scathing letters to them just to get some compensation. We cancelled his policy soon after. Guess the petsecure people arent pet owners! Just money hungry!!!