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On April 17th, 2015 we took, Coco, our happy, playful, friendly and loving German Short Hair Pointer mix to our vet with what was thought to be a bladder infection. After two weeks of antibiotics there was no improvement. An ultra-sound was performed and a suspicious mass was found in the Trigone area of the bladder. A week later an expensive Cystoscopy was done and it disclosed the worst possible diagnosis. A transitional cell carcinoma was identified and because of its location, was declared inoperable.For many dogs, identification of a mass in the bladder presented a choice for the pet owner. Either perform the Cystoscopy at a cost of about $2000 or take the dog home until the symptom got so bad the pet would have to be euthanized - usually in days or a week or two at most.
Many pet owners cannot afford $2000, just to identify with certainty, the cause of the problem. Especially knowing that future treatments could mean thousands more.
In Coco’s case we did not have to agonize over that choice. Coco was insured by HealthyPaws Pet Insurance! A very wise decision I had made several years ago. In exchange for a very affordable premium my wife and I were also insured against having to choose between taking on debt to fight the cancer or surrender and put a family member down.
HealthyPaws has exceeded all expectations of the service that would be provided. For the first several years we had no major claims and the ones we did submit were paid quickly. I emphasize “quickly” because I have come to expect a check to be in my mail box in less than a week. On several occasion in 3 days! Their on-line claim filing is fast and easy. No longer do you have to rely on your Vet’s staff to complete and send the invoice to your insurance company. You can easily do it yourself and watch the status change from claim “submitted” to “processed” on the same day then completed in the next day or two. Completed, in my experience means the check is in the mail. I never expected reimbursement to be that fast for any insurance company – pet or human!
I have written this endorsement to thank HealthyPaws for all they have done to make a difficult situation easier. When I called them to ask if they would cover Chemo-Therapy, the question was answered even more quickly than their excellent claim service. I still remember the exact words. “Of course, that’s what we are here for!” They have continued to be there for us and I am happy to report that with her fou

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