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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is the absolute best option for being able to care for my dogs in the best possible manner. My 9 year old Irish Wolfhound, Simon, had a suspicious mass on his back and after consulting with a veterinary surgeon, it was decided to biopsy the mass in addition to doing an ultrasound and CT scan. Those tests were done to rule out any cancer and to give us a road map should the pathology report come back positive. Simon's biopsy came back negative but we decided to take the mass off because it was continuing to grow and would eventually interfere with several important body systems. Thank goodness that I was able to do all the testing necessary (thanks to Healthy Paws) and when the mass was sent to pathology the report came back as a sarcoma. Had I not had Healthy Paws insurance I may not have been able to do the required testing and ultimate surgery to insure the best possible result for Simon. Healthy Paws is wonderful about processing the claims within days of receiving the reports from the veterinary hospital. With expensive procedures the credit card gets charged up quickly and I can always count on Healthy Paws to pay the claim within days of the hospital submitting it. They also keep me updated on the status of the claim processing and the distribution of the reimbursement check. They are always pleasant to deal with and always available to answer questions. I have recommended this company to many people and will continue to do so. Thank you Healthy Paws for allowing me to get the best care possible for my animals!

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Surgery for removal of a mass
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Irish Wolfhound

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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