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We have been Pet Plan members for the past 6 years. Sometime after joining we learned that our 2 year old Australian Shepard Coco was born with hip dysplasia. He had stem cell therapy and 3 years later it stopped working and he had a total hip replacement. Two years after that and his left hip got to the point that it was painful for him and he had another total hip replacement, he has 2 more months of recovery. His brother, Shadow, is 8 years old and never used the policy until now. He just started limping and will see Coco’s doctor today.For the past 6 years I have been more than grateful that we got pet insurance and that we picked Pet Plan. They have paid every claim in a timely manner without issue, they have pre authorized the surgeries so there were no additional worries for us, and they even paid the vet the insurance portion directly so we did not suffer the financial burden.
In the spirit of saving the best for last I will now speak to the customer service department. I do not know where they find their employees but they are among the most caring, kindest and empathetic on the planet. A shining star in my life is Jessica Kramer. She has been right alongside of us as we have gone through all of this and always more than helpful. She, along with all of the reps, always asks how Coco is and she even had me send her pictures of Coco and Shadow. I am truly grateful to have Jessica to rely on and knowing that Pet Plan is there so we can care for our fuzzy little angels.

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Hip dysplasia
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Australian Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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