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Our half black lab half golden retriever dog Hunter ended up with diabetes a few months ago. We have been trying to get it under control with Insulin. With in a month of his diagnosis he went blind from cataracts in both eyes. He is only 71/2 years old and we were just devastated from this diagnosis. It all happened so fast. The on-going cost of insulin and constant checks of his glucose every week have been so costly. We wouldn't have known what we would have done with the eye surgery if we didn't have Embrace Insurance. The cost of the surgery was close to $6,000 with all of the eye drops, ointments and inflammatory medicines we needed to give him. Thank you thank you to Embrace for paying for so much of his surgery and medications. I can't even think of him being blind for the rest of his life. You are a lifesaver for him and our family. It has been 3 weeks and he can see again and has his fun personality back. The diabetes is a work in progress to get under control which Embrace has been a lifesaver helping to pay for that medication too. I really dont know what we would have done without Embrace. I tell everyone I see with a pet to call and get a quote, it is so worth it. Thank you!

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