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My 18 month old maltese, Zophia unfortunately became a seizure patient a few weeks ago. We are JUST beginning this new unforseen completely out of the blue unexpected turn of events, HOWEVER I NEED to share our ALREADY AMAZING, over the top, consistent experience with Healthy Paws. I opted to purchase puppy insurance back in May due to Zophia being SO little yet acting SO BIG! Summer was approaching and we are very active! After MUCH research I decided, (THANK THE ALMIGHTY POWER, we DID) to make Healthy Paws Zophia's provider. After waking up August 27, 2015 to Zophia "stuck" in a seizure cluster I rushed her to the emergency veterinarian hospital. Since we have been admitted to ICU twice for a total of SIX nights, transferred to the neurologist specialist team, placed on several medications, many tests, MRI, spinal tap, therapy, just to get an idea of my anxiety, stress and extremely exhausting levels!! To date I have thousands and thousands and vet bills, to date I have ALREADY RECEIVED, checks cut, in the mail, in my hands thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of $$$$$$$$$ from Healthy Paws!!! Even Zophia's neurologist, knowing my non existent financial situation, that the scans and tests required to 100% determine her diagnosis, and continued care and treatment plan, are VERY costly, gave me time to take it in, call Healthy Paws to see what they were willing to do for Zophia and I, "insurances being a business" as she put it. Was astounded when I came back to tell her, "we're GOOD to go", Healthy Paws, being that this was NOT preexisting DID in fact cover, to date 90%, as I chose per her initial enrollment, INDEED WILL BE COVERING 90% NOW and forever her condition. "Are you kidding, that is amazing!!! " NOT one bit commen, BUT amazing"!!! Said Dr. B. The very first time calling a claims specialist was on a Friday at 330pm, having to up front charge invoices on my credit card my anxiety and question level was high due to the fact weeding up to 6 weeks for reimbursement sounded like a lifetime. The super sweet informative caring agent told me she would pull Sofia's file as soon as she was done with the one she was working on at the time. And then would send me an confirmation email. I thought Yeah right its closing time on a Friday never. Well lo and behold within 45 minutes received an email and my first check was being processed and sent in the mail. I thought I lucked out having that claims specialist answer my phone c

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Seizures, immune, brain
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Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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