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After using another company 10+ years ago (around the time when pet insurance was the new craze), I had some doubts. However, when we decided to add another lab to our family. I soon began to lay in bed at night worrying about my financial "exposure" of owning two labs (along with friends of ours that were faced with a $25k vet bill). I soon began to research pet insurance, hoping it had changed and improved. However it seemed like many have not, but after reading way too many reviews the secret to life again surfaced get what you pay for. While Healthy Paws is certainly not the cheapest (or the most expensive either), I felt comfortable knowing I would be covered should something happen. So around the beginning of July 2015 we signed up, waited the 15 days for coverage to kick in and then I finally started sleeping at night again. Well that was until our new lab puppy started vomiting non-stop in late August 2015. We sensed a blockage of course given his age. So we rushed him over to a 24/7 animal hospital and they confirmed that the bozo had eaten something he shouldn't have. It was nice to know we were covered and we did what we needed to do without figuring out which one of us would fast for a week (joking) to help pay for the treatment. Still in the back of my mind I had my doubts, however once I had sent in all of the paperwork (which for a first claim included all medical records) I received a check in the mail less that one week later! So I am a believer in Healthy Paws and I thank them for being there for me and my dogs. So I rest easy again...well after I pick up all socks, kid's toys and just about everything not bolted down off of the floor!

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
Under a year

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