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I have had dogs and cats all my life, but never had ins. coverage for them. When I got RUFUS at 6 weeks old my Terrier puppy was a Terror. My vet introduced me to the Trupanion Pet Insurance. I had a gut feeling that I was going to need insurance for this little guy and I purchased Trupanion Ins. At a very reasonable payment per month. At first I begrudged spending that money monthly. BUT!! I will promise you that it IS the best 68.50 I have ever spent. Within 3 months RUFUS had a tooth pulled and Trupanion coverage 90% of a 700.00 dollar bill..It has been ongoing medical problems for my little friend. He has had ongoing ear problems for 10 months now PLUS with blood tests done, we have also dicovered that Little RUFUS has alergies. (grass) being the number one and highest level.....RUFUS now. has to have allergy injections for (possibly) the rest of his life. Again, TRUPANION PET INSURANCE, has been a God Send for me and my little RUFUS. Rufus is 1.5 years old and without this insurance. I hate to think what the financial outcome could have been. Trupanian Staff are absolutely Professional, Caring. as well as kind. I am Great full for Trupanion and Blessed that they have been there for RUFUS and me. I would have been THOUSANDS of dollars in debt. had I not been introduced to TRUPANION....I recommend them to anyone who loves their pets. My Brother in-law and friends seen what Trupanion was all about and now have Trupanion Ins. for their pets. I can't say enough except THANK YOU Trupanion and Staff....Your Awesome !!

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Ear Problem

Claim Amount
Under $100

Terrier Mix

Age of Pet
Under a year

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