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I just want to say a big THANK YOU!!!!! I am so thankful to have HealthY Paws Pet Insurance giving me the financial peace of mind to cover my best buddy, Button when he has emergency issues.
Button was an owner-surrendered Yorkshire Terrier to a Manhattan, NYC kill shelter in 2012. He was saved from death by Anarchy Rescue, and then sent to Yorkie 911 Rescue for further rehabilitation. I counted that I am his 5th home! We fell in love with him at a dog adoption day, and never looked back. The term "who rescued who" is so appropriate in our home; since I do not have any children (just plenty of nieces and nephews!!!).

The decision to have pet insurance was to insure that this little dog's life would never have a price tag on him again; nor will I every throw him away. I read about Healthy Paws through an AAA recommendation, and your company has not let me down. I can sure handle the day-to-day, well-doggie issues financially with the vet; but, my dog has had a few emergencies due to his getting into trouble or an unexpected illness, and those vet bills were scary. The insurance has provided me with such peace of mind, knowing that my dog gets great care, when I hand over the credit card.

Button's recent ear canal surgery was health threatening, (sad and scary as pet parents, fearful that we might loose him), and the associated vet bill was even scarier. I actually called Healthy Paws before the surgery just like I do for my own insurance "just in-case". Customer support gave me peace of mind to move forward. After the surgery, the reimbursement was at 90% - paid very, very promptly!

Button almost died during the surgery. He had a TECA (total ear canal ablation), and is now hearing in only one good ear (he hears just fine now!)--probably a special needs dog. After two weeks rough recovery with the "cone of shame", eye drops, and keeping him calm and confined, the Surgeon gave Button a "thumbs up", and he is a happy, healthy dog--back to his old self. Without the expert care of two vets, my Button Buddy would have died. I am hoping that now he has a lot of dog treats, belly rubs,and life in him more a few more years. With your insurance, he will definitely have that care with the amazing coverage that you provide. I have been recommending Healthy Paws to many of my dog owners friends for their consideration

Button says thanks! So do I! The picture on the web page is Button before surgery. He was one worried pooch.


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Yorkshire Terrier

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1 - 8

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