Healthy Paws has the most comprehensive coverage!

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I have had nothing but pleasant experiences with countless members of the Healthy Paws team. Upon the adoption of my lab-mix puppy, Titan, I thoroughly researched every pet insurance option available, calling and emailing multiple customer service reps from multiple companies to ensure I had an apples-to apples-comparison. Healthy Paws won us as a customer, and I've never been happier.
We submitted our first claim (Titan had worms...), and everything was covered outside of the exam fee!
While it did take a bit longer to process, it was our first claim, and we submitted about 11 documents to Healthy Paws from his initial visit, his visit for boosters/vaccines, and his neutering surgery, among a few other pieces of paperwork. I knew this claim would not reach our deductible, but wanted to get all of our information in the system for if he has a larger claim that will require reimbursement.

I cannot stress how amazing their coverage is. I'm writing this review not because I was reimbursed for a large claim (thankfully!), but because I have the confidence and peace of mind that if that day comes, Healthy Paws will be there.

They truly have the most comprehensive and thorough coverage.
They have an annual deductible which is the most cost-effective, they pay off the actual vet bill (unlike VPI), have no maximum payout limits (unlike Embrace and PetPlan), have no transaction fees (unlike PetPlan), cover Rx and OTC if prescribed (on a case-by-case basis), cover breed-specific and hereditary/congenital conditions, cover specialists, mobility aids, acupuncture/chiropractic treatments as prescribed by a vet, and cover dental extractions/reconstructions if due to an accident. They do not have any "Wellness Plan" add on, but for the price of their premiums you can afford to purchase a plan through your own vet (such as Banfield) if you desire.

If you are considering purchasing insurance for your dog, I urge you to reach out to a Healthy Paws customer service rep, and you'll be sold. Enroll your pup early, and you'll be set!

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Under $100

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