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Four years ago I got my first giant breed puppy, a "Saint Dane" named Dino. We did not have health insurance for him, I simply never thought about it. He was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia at 6 months old. We paid $5,000 for the first surgery, only to find that the surgeon didn't fix the problem, so he had to go in for a second surgery, which was around $3,000. Dino's health spiraled out of control from there, with infections, skin problems due to an undiagnosed thyroid issue, and then... he tore an ACL. It was another $5,000 surgery for the first ACL tear. A year later, another ACL tear and another $5,000. Long story, short, when he was 4 years old, the elbow infection returned, and the antibiotic we gave him ruined his liver, and we had to put him down. Besides losing the love of our life, we were somewhere around $30,000 in the hole over the course of four years.When Dino was still alive, we got our second giant breed, a great dane. I immediately enrolled her with Trupanion. While I haven't had to use her insurance, the premium is so affordable and the peace of mind so great, I will forever keep her covered.
Determined not to let our terrible experience get us down, we did research and picked out a different Saint Dane breeder who had zero health problems that we knew of in her lines. We bought two more Saint Dane puppies, flew from CA to CT and back to get them because they were supposed to be healthy, and just in case, I also enrolled them into Trupanion's coverage, expecting and hoping to never have to use it.
I have three large dogs covered, along with rehabilitation for them, and my monthly premium is absolutely affordable and worth every penny.
As luck would have it, one of our new puppies, Faith, was diagnosed with double hip dysplasia at 8 months old. She needed another one of those very expensive surgeries.
Due to the financial situation surrounding our first dog, we were in no place to be able to cover another giant orthopedic surgery. If it weren't for Trupanion's coverage on Faith, we probably would have had to have put her down. But, Trupanion has really come through for us. They immediately pre-approved her bilateral FHO surgery, and they followed through with every promise of coverage. They are more timely, responsive, friendly, and helpful than any company I do business with. They are truly remarkable. They stand by their word. There are no loopholes - what you read about is definitely what you get.
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