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A month or so after my then 5-yr-old Frenchie, Schalkie [skáll-key], came into my life in 2012, we moved to New York City (from SF Bay Area). Once settled in, I found a highly recommended vet here in the Upper West Side and asked if they could recommend a reputable pet insurer. They gave me a few names, but said they had "heard good things" about Healthy Paws.I immediately contacted Healthy Paws [HP] and set up a contract.
For the monthly cost of what I pay for a few meals here, we have been covered beyond my expectations.
A couple of years ago, his corneas were scratched during play while boarding. This required expensive specialist treatment at the Vet Hospital here (BluePearl) and within a week of my claim, a large check was sent to me from HP.
More recently, after an expensive MRI and determination of spinal issues which required significant, really expensive spinal surgery, HP came through again. I had actually not expected them to cover a problem that was actually a breed issue. Both the MRI and the surgery were covered and, again, beyond my expectations! We're talking $$thousands (!) covered.
The coverage is essentially Medicare-level for pets and even more SIMPLE!
To top it all off, they even contacted me asking after Schalk's recovery and such.
Yeah, I recommend Healthy Paws at every opportunity.

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Spinal surgery
Claim Amount
Over $1000

French Bulldog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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