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Healthy Paws has been a lifesaver! I have a frenchie who is pretty much allergic to the world and I am so thankful that I have Healthy Paws because I've been able to take my puppy to the vet and get him the best treatments without having to worry about the costs. My puppy is only 15 months old and he's already had hernia surgery (they did this when he got neutered but Healthy Paws doesn't cover neutering), he was bit in the face at boarding school and broke out in hives from what I thought was an allergic reaction to the medicine they gave him...then I got an allergy test for him and he turned out be highly allergic to almost all protein (beef, chicken, turkey, pork, soybeans, rabbit, duck, etc.) and he has a lot of environmental allergies (different types of grass, trees, ants, etc.) so, I'm giving him allergy injections and he gets allergy medication. These vet bills have easily been a few thousand dollars but Healthy Paws covered all (except neutering) and it's so easy especially now that there's a phone app. i just take a photo and submit the bill for reimbursement. I'm always reimbursed within a few days AND I've actually had them contact me to ensure I received the check because I didn't deposit it right away. If I had to pay for all of this without Healthy Paws I don't know how I would have afforded all of this...I tell everyone i know to get Healthy Paws because it's just so easy and they really care. I wish they covered people because this is hands down the best insurance company.

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allergies, hernia, accidents
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

French Bulldog

Age of Pet
Under a year

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