This is a Wellness Plan, not Insurance.

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The bad reviews for the Banfield Wellness plan are a little skewed. You have to keep in mind if you purchase this plan, that it covers basic routine medical care (vaccinations, free office visits, some comprehensive testing, etc.). You do get "discounts" on outside treatments but Banfield is a for-profit pet hospital, so their prices are higher than your average vets office- and they try to "up-sell" you on treatments. Keeping all that in mind, I really like my wellness plans. I have two dogs- one is older and is on the Active Prevention plan that includes a dental cleaning, and one is on the Essential Wellness plan. We don't save a TON of money a year on these plans, but having the monthly payment option is great- that way I'm not having to shell out 200/300+ dollars for vaccinations. These plans also include more than just the required vaccinations which I believe is helpful in keeping my pets healthy. I do have a secondary veterinarian now, that I use if my pets need surgery or something more extensive- because their costs are lower. BUT my vet at Banfield saved me 2000$ by getting my dog into a surgical trial for a torn ACL. Overall a great plan, if you keep the limitations in mind.

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routine care
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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