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I don't usually write online reviews, but I was compelled to after the excellent customer service I received with Healthy Paws. Simply put, they have some of the best customer service I have ever encountered.
I had been hesitant to purchase pet insurance as so many of my friends and colleagues told me "it wasn't worth it." I was still tossing around the idea of getting it when I came across other healthy paws reviews. They were so overwhelmingly positive, that I thought it would be worth it - and it certainly was.

My puppy decided to eat the spiral binding of a notebook TWO days after the end of my waiting period. I was expecting to have to fight to get his procedure covered and was prepared to jump through hoops, but that was not the case. The people at Healthy Paws were helpful and encouraging and I felt like they were on my side (which says a lot about an insurance company!).

My dog was initially scheduled to have an elective surgery, but started to decompensate on (of course) a Friday night. My primary vet had told me to take him into the emergency hospital, but to be prepared for a much higher bill. As a graduate student I was terrified and called Healthy Paws WAY after hours to see if the emergency surgery would be covered. A representative got back to me immediately and not only assured me that the procedure would be covered but talked me through what was a very difficult and stressful experience. Since his surgery, my puppy has had to go back to the emergency department several times, and Healthy Paws has continually been helpful and supportive.

Apart from the customer service, the best thing about Healthy Paws is its convenience. As a medical student, I am really busy and the thought of photocopying and mailing in invoices is certainly not appealing. I love that you can literally snap a picture of the invoice with your iphone and file a claim while you are sitting in the waiting room. The turn around time is also incredibly impressive. All of my claims were processed within 48h. One claim was actually processed while I was still at the vet. Healthy Paws was faster at processing the claim than the vet was at getting my dog out to me...

I know that a lot of people are skeptical about pet insurance, but Healthy Paws is worth every penny. I would recommend Healthy Paws to any pet owner. Because of Healthy Paws I did not have to choose between paying my rent/tuition and my puppy's health. I am eternally grateful for

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