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I was fortunate [and smart] enough to enroll my pit mix rescue the day I brought him home at eight weeks old. Although very strong, very active and otherwise very healthy, he developed cherry eye in both eyes long before his first birthday.

After two unsuccessful surgeries at an excellent facility, the visibly upset veterinary ophthalmologist reached out to her colleagues for support. She found a peer at another animal hospital, who after reviewing my dog's records and photos the previous surgeon had sent, said a new procedure he had pioneered would work.

To cut to the chase, my dog's eyes are finally fine. Without the support of Healthy Paws, I don't know what I would have done. They paid my claims, without any questions or arguments, within five business days of me submitting them. This is in sharp contrast to the experiences of others I know, whose dogs are covered by some of the other, popular pet insurance companies. They had nothing but horror stories to share about their pet insurance carriers. The few times I needed customer service, the phones were answered quickly, by kind, competent agents who spoke and understood English.

I know as my dog ages my rates will go up, but let me say this - he will never, nor will any of my future dogs, ever be without Healthy Paws insurance. I have told my experience to at least 20 of my dog park peers, some of whom, regrettably didn't listen carefully enough, and are now in the situation I thankfully avoided.

Save yourself headaches and heartaches - the day you bring home a new dog or cat, insure your new family member with Healthy Paws. You wouldn't let your kids be uninsured, would you?

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1 - 8

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