Love the people at PetFirst who help the Paws!

Out of 10

We have had PetFirst since we first started insuring our pets. We read up on the reviews of many of the others out there and PetFirst seemed to stand above the rest for a number of reasons. We liked what they cover and they are very upfront about what they do and don't cover. We also liked that they insure older dogs. What we didn't know firsthand when we signed up but know now is what an outstanding group of caring people work for this company! Every single experience we've had with any person we have spoken with on the phone has been positive... even when we found out something wasn't covered. They were still compassionate and helpful. It is for that reason, that we continue with PetFirst. It's stressful enough when something happens with your pet. Calling an insurance company to ask questions is difficult but the people at PetFirst seem to make it easier.
We have also been impressed with how quickly they review and pay claims. Instead of waiting and waiting or having to call to follow up, it's taken care of. Again, at a stressful time, it's a blessing to have that happen.
We recommend only quality companies to our friends and family and have recommended PetFirst many times. We also volunteer with animal rescue and foster dogs. Whenever we talk with potential adopters, we tell them about pet insurance and specifically, our experience with PetFirst.
We would definitely give the PetFirst People high marks and our labs, George, Casey (now in dog heaven) and now Sam, would all give PetFirst brisk tailwags for their great work! Thank you to all the people who handle our claims and questions!

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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