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We have had 2 dogs (with no insurance - who lived to be 13, & 12 each having a couple of expense procedures/incidents during their lives,) prior to the current Dog & Cat, so we were skeptical how "pet insurance" would work or if the expense would be worth it. Then as luck would have it, 3 mo. after signing up for Healthy Paws Pet insurance, our 5 yr. old Basset experienced her fist UTI & then 2 wks later had an episode of eating steel chips which required a hospital stay, etc.... Needless to say we are now completely SOLD on Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. We will never again own a pet without signing them up from the initial vet. visit! I phoned customer service on our 1st claim and the young man told me exactly how to fill out the form and send in the doc. notes, prior vet history info, current bill & form even though it did not meet the deductible, ...it would go towards the annual deductible (just like human health care). Then unfortunately we had the steel chip accident (second claim) within a couple weeks of the 1st, and with our 80/20, 250 deductible, Healthy Paws processed our claim (one day after our faxed submission) and had a check sent within the week. I was truly amazed!With Healthy Paws Pet Insurance we received great Customer Care from real people who are truly caring pet owners themselves, Excellent Claims processing and e-mail communications as well as phone communications, and Quick Turnaround with payment. If there is an accident or illness/injury I MOST HIGHLY RECOMEND GETTING PET INSURANCE AND DEFFINTLY HEALTHY PAWS PET INSURANCE. They run their Insurance Business the way we all WISH Insurance would be handled!
P.S. It was "Ruff" but Our Basset made a full recovery too!

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ate steel chips (in a machine shop)
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Basset Hound

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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