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Our lab/golden, Daisy, has had digestive problems on and off for the past two years. This summer it came to a head with terrible diarrhea for over a month. Our newest vet was determined to find the underlying cause - which has proved expensive. Daisy has had blood tests, x-rays, ultrasounds, and surgery to obtain a full-thickness intestinal biopsy. She's now been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, pyloric stenosis, and protein loss enteropathy. She's lost 25% of her body weight, but she's started medications and a food her body seems to tolerate, so we are hopeful for a turn-around.
We enrolled Daisy with Embrace when we adopted her in 2012 so we wouldn't have to consider cost if ever faced with a medical emergency. She's young, so it has indeed been a relief to be able to say to the vet, "just do it." Daisy's medical bills this year have totaled over $5,000 to date, but our costs have been about $1,500. I only wish that we'd opted for the Rx coverage.

The many claims we've submitted have each been handled in about two weeks. As far as I know, there have been no questions about our invoices. Thankfully, our vet practice advocates for pet health insurance - Embrace is among those they recommend - and they're very cooperative in assisting with claim forms. That was not the case with our prior vet practice.

I do wish there was more information available about the claim while it is being processed. Some dates we've had multiple invoices, or the amounts are confusing because they include non-covered costs. I've had to resubmit a claim once or twice due to confusion over dates. If I'd been able to see the details prior to the determination, I'd have been able to fix the problem (and get that check!) sooner. All in all, however, the experience with Embrace has been exceptional.

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