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I rescue senior dogs. It's an expensive proposition if they just live out their life but when illness strikes it can be debilitating. I didn't have insurance on one of the two that I fostered in July of 2013. The boy developed squamous cell cancer in his mouth a month after I brought him home. His bills were in the five figure range. I immediately took out insurance on Addie and after two years, it has paid off in spades. Addie has inoperable pancreatic and adrenal tumors. She's asymptomatic, happy and playful. Her chemo medicine costs over $600 for 6 weeks. She's had two serious bouts of pancreatitis since her diagnosis and has been hospitalized several times. I would be living in my car with the dogs right now if not for Pet Plan. They have been fair and by far the easiest of any insurance company (human or canine) that I've ever worked with. Thank you Pet Plan. Addie, Opie and I are so appreciative.

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pancreatic and adrenal tumors
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Over $1000

Mixed Breed

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1 - 8

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