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My 3 year old female Boxer is very athletic and while running and jumping bushes in the desert close to where we live, she must have landed wrong or perhaps stepped into a hole and subsequently injured her left leg. For about a month she would limp off and on, but never showed any signs of pain or discomfort. There was no swelling and upon our inspections over and over, we could not "feel" any injury or get her to respond negatively to our inspections. However, she kept limping off and on, usually after a walk. We took her to our vet, and he had to mildly sedate her for inspection of the leg and X-Rays. His diagnosis was a CCL (ligament) tear in the left knee, The fact that she could/would put weight on the leg indicated it was not ruptured. He said like any athlete, it can happen very suddenly by simply landing wrong on the let. i did some research and decided to use the A-Trac dog leg brace to treat the injury more conservatively and if it did not work, then perhaps do surgery later. The brace required ordering by the vet, and his measurements so it would fit properly. All said, the cost of sedation, X-Rays and the brace was $755.82. After my deduction and removal of standard charges, I got a check from Pet Plan for $467.64. The brace is a long term process, and my dog must wear it daily for a minimum of 6 weeks. After 2 weeks, she is showing signs of improvement when the brace is off, and is tolerating it much better than she did at first. I'm really thankful PetPlan allowed me to use a conservative approach to healing. Hoping we can put off surgery!

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CCL tear in knee
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