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I have all three of my Golden Retrievers covered by Healthy Paws insurance. I hoped I would never have to use it, but unfortunately two of my Goldens, the two youngest, each have a life-threatening, on-going illness that will be with them for the rest of their lives.
Ivy my 7-year old, has a disease call Granuloma Meningoencephalitis. Treatment to keep this disease in remission consists of daily steroid therapy as well as chemo treatments every three weeks. This disease is difficult to control and is deadly. Without the support of Healthy Paws, I would never be able to afford the necessary treatments for Ivy, and without the treatments, she will die.

As long as she receives the treatments, she can live a relatively normal life, taking walks, swimming, playing with the other dogs and participating in training and dog shows. Without Healthy Paws, this would not be possible.

Hayley, is my 3-year old. At age 2, she was diagnosed with refractive epilepsy. This means the conventional drugs are unable to stop her seizures. She has at least 4 seizures a week, they come in clusters. She has had to be hospitalized twice now to stop her seizures or she would have died. Healthy Paws has been right there for her too, paying EVERY CLAIM without any hassles at all!!

I am so grateful to Healthy Paws for ALWAYS being there just as they state. They don't only stand by your side when your pets are well, but stand by you when it REALLY COUNTS. Healthy Paws in number ONE in my book!

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GME & refractive epilepsy
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Golden Retriever

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