Good at first-now getting slow and expensive

Out of 10

I have had dogs insured with Pets Best for around 10 yr now.At first their prices were reasonable and they would complete a claim withing 5-6 days.
Now it's taking 3 weeks and a phone call to get the last paid claim and their rates in the last two years have gone up by 50%.
This latest round of rate increases is unreasonable.
I'm looking around to move now.
I'm going to mark that I would recommend them only because they do pay up.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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Posted: 08/27/2015

Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. As our pets age, they become prone to more serious and expensive conditions, because of this we periodically need to raise the rate to compensate. Additionally, price increases occur because the market is changing, meaning veterinary care is getting better and more expensive. We feel we offer an excellent and competitively priced product. If you would be willing to provide your policy number we can look at your policy and some different options that may be available to you. We do appreciate your business and hope you will give us the opportunity to fit your pets into a more budget friendly plan. As far as the delay with your claim, we sincerely apologize. We are expanding our claims department as the needs arise, and are experiencing a high claims volume at this time. We will continue to strive towards efficient and fast claims processing. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance. Sincerely, Pets Best Customer Care 1-877-738-7237.

Posted: 09/01/2015

I am pondering how they work so hard to make things always in their favour. My vet has nothing to do with insurance but my dog probably has 3 different conditions, maybe 4 and they attempted to lump them. It does get worse as the dog gets older. I am worried they will even dump my dog. But I am going to go to specialist who can and will diagnose each condition. It is ridiculous. The incident start dates are also interesting. I have learned I should yes get the tests even if they are costly to prove an issue is gone. To prove he has more than one issue. Because otherwise everything is under the deductible OR they attempt to lump it together. They say they don't have prexisting conditions but when they added new coverage they made an exception. I will see how it goes but the doctor gave me the option of some ultrasounds, they usually do for what he had. I should get them. Because of how they do things. God forbid the doctor tries to save you some money. It isn't the correct protocol and you get screwed. I may change my mind. But that is how I feel with my last claims submitted. I intent to review every claim from now on. Or comment. The insurance still saves me money. But they are nothing like some other companies. I paid for years for pets that never saw a vet. It should balance out.

Posted: 10/29/2015

Vet costs have not increased by 50% or in my case, doubled when you doubled the rates on my two seniors. I understand the need to increase rates annually, but the increases are NOT reasonable.