5 degrees to kevin bacon

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my partner went into renal failure, our vet is right at our back fence so we just jumped over. she stopped eating, drinking so she was I.V.'d and held over till she recovered. weeks later, i get four form letters saying "hi, i'm a pet owner myself, i'm sorry we can't pay for this emergency". In using the 5 degrees paradigm we've managed to find not normal kidney labs in her hx so that mean this was a (you guessed it) "pre existing" condition so it was bound to happen sooner or later. wow, this is the second time i submit this review, i got a "There was a problem with your submission" the first time. we've been w/ the ins for close to a year...a whole year! we bought on to their "you'll need us for emergencies". fooled once, shame on you fool me twice shame on me; i have asked to be cancelled. folks we treat our partners w/ kindness, we love them, we have them checked, have them have labs and the works which we pay for and buy emergency coverage insurance for the sudden stuff, but someone forgot to tell the insurance company.

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sudden kidney failure
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