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My Border Collie mix developed severe glaucoma and required surgery in both eyes. The Embrace staff was always helpful and courteous, I sent my first claims, relatively small ones for the local diagnosis and care, by mail. The review took several days, but i was able to keep track of it online. The surgery bill was faxed, and I was shortly notified of the direct deposit option. The smaller check arrived by mail, and the direct deposit was made a couple of days later. I received an e-mail to make sure that the mailed check had arrived. The fact that insurance covered the major expenses greatly eased the stress of her difficult treatment.
She is the first dog I have ever insured, but if I get another, it will also be covered by Embrace. My only problem with the company is that I cannot upgrade her policy without making the glaucoma pre-existing, which of course I won't do.

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Eye problem

Claim Amount
Over $1000

Border Collie

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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