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Petplan is, simply stated, the best pet insurance on the market. And, believe me, I've done my "homework."
I had previously been a long time customer of VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance) and found their services and coverage to be grossly disappointing. Example: Despite the fact that I had been a decade-plus customer with VPI's "premium coverage", VPI failed to pay for lifesaving care for my two dogs when they were both bitten by a rattlesnake. VPI turned out to be a complete waste of money when I needed them most. That's when I made the switch to Petplan.

I'm a loving pet parent to two rescued dogs - Cosmo (10) and Milo (6) - and have been consistently grateful and delighted with Petplan's coverage, prices, service and claims process.

I'm a human doctor (M.D.) in practice for over 25 years and American healthcare would be in far better shape shape if human health insurance was as fair, cost-effective, efficient and simple as Petplan has made it for pet owners like me.

Their smartphone app is genius - a few simple clicks and snapshots of medical bills/treatment records and your (substantial) claim reimbursement check is in your mailbox within 10 days.

After my older boy (Cosmo) was recently diagnosed with nasal cancer, I submitted several thousand dollars worth of bills for vet specialist visits, CAT scans, biopsies and blood work to Petplan with minimal hassle and, after paying my $200 deductible, Petplan reimbursed me for 80% of the charges. It really helped both financially and emotionally by allowing me to focus on my ailing "son" without worrying about how I'd pay for his care.

Can't thank the Petplan family enough for their services and kindness during my family's time of need.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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