Well worth the money.

Out of 10

I adopted sage and immediately bought the insurance. I purchased the injury and routine visits. I figured her being a puppy, the routine visits would definitely need to be done and she was bound to get into something. I was trying to crate train her and in doing so she ripped many of her nails. She had to receive treatment on her nails multiple times, they had to sedate her and fix the nails. I met my deductible very quickly and was grateful to receive money back that I otherwise would have been out without having ASPCA as my insurance. I had no problem submitting claims and receiving my money back. ASPCA even went as far as calling my vet to verify information. I definitely will upgrade my policy when my year is up to their sick policy. They found after I boarded her that she had a UTI which is not covered because it is sick and not a injury or a routine I really regretted not having the bigger policy.

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Fractured nails
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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