Disappointing and frustrating!

Out of 10

I will say that Embrace has an EXCELLENT customer service team. I have called about a dozen times and have only gotten one person who was not as bubbly and friendly as an over-caffeinated Starbucks barista. They have always been prompt about processing wellness claims for me.
But recently my dog needed exploratory abdominal surgery and then a GI biopsy. She was diagnosed with tapeworms around the same time, too. After the surgery, she had a few minor complications and her total vet bills reached about $1300-$1400. It has taken Embrace over a MONTH to even process her claims, and they incorrectly processed the claim with her surgery on it (~$1000). I incorrectly submitted the claim by including two different invoices on the same claim, but after at least 5 calls to check on claim statuses, no one told me that only one invoice could be approved per claim. I figured that out myself after her claim for the surgery and tapeworm treatment was approved for $90 (which was only the tapeworm treatment). It has been a month since I sent these documents in, and I had to call again to get them to work on the claim for her surgery.

I really wanted to love Embrace, and until now I did, but I feel like I've had to pester and push them every step of the way in this process. Their customer service team is always polite and appears to be helpful, but 33 days later, I'm still waiting for my dog's surgery claim to be covered--actually, just REVIEWED.

I've enjoyed working with them in the past for wellness claims, but when I really needed them, they left me out to dry.

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Exploratory abdominal surgery and complications
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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