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I enrolled Cannoli my 9 year-old Siamese-- really without any reason to-- his health was 100% perfect. Five months after enrollment, I felt a weird little lump while grooming him. Long story short, he had a mast cell tumor and had to have surgery. He's doing great now! I wish I had not set the deductible so high just to save truly a FEW dollars each month..Trupanion does not cover the exam fees, so I had to pay the $650 deductible and exam fees. Those items plus the surgery came to $1999 (which really isn't bad!); Trupanion reimbursed 90%, which all told came to a bit over half of the total. Still great! Just wish I'd set a lower deducible. I recommend really doing the math when you are deciding on your deductible. Oh- and I got the check before the stitches were out!!

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