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After non stop vomiting, x-rays showed that my 5 month husky had swallowed a toy. Yes, a toy. Due to the size of the toy, we were not quite sure as to how he managed to swallow the object without choking. Anyhow, the vet informed us that this object would cause major harm/death if our puppy tried to pass the object through his intestinal track. So, without any other options our puppy needed surgery to remove this toy from his stomach. As if that were not hard enough on our family, the cost of the surgery was an additional issue. Thank God we had insurance. There were many pet insurance companies out there but after reading several customer reviews, I was sold on Healthy Paws. As an owner, you don't expect to have to actually use the insurance, especially for a puppy but Healthy Paws could not have made this transactions any easier. It was simple, all I was requested to do was to send in his medical history and the invoice for his surgery. It couldn't have been more than 72 hours before I received an email informing me that my puppies claim was in process. As a consumer you think, "Ok it cant be that easy. Let's see what excuses they try and come up with to deny my claim." Wow, was I wrong. Less than 5 days later I received another email notifying me that my claim was complete/approved and I would be receiving my 90% reimbursement for my out of pocket cost (I chose the 90% reimbursement with a $100 deductible. Shortly after, I received a check. That was it, yes that simple. This process took less than 2 weeks!! No doubt Healthy Paws is a AAA+++ company. Thanks again Healthy Paws!

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Swallowed an entire stuffed animal
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Over $1000

Siberian Husky

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