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This was the first direct billing that my Vet had done.The original estimate was between $1300.00 - $2000.00.It included a blood test to make sure that there would be no complications with our Morkie and the anesthetic.This was approved by Trupanion. The blood test showed a little bit of an elevation in regard to the liver.So the Dr.did a bile acid test to ensure there would be no complications during the PL surgery because of this.The bile acid test was not on the original estimate of procedures.We were charged $65.80 as a separate bill (or 2nd claim)with the understanding that if our dog has any problems with his liver $65.80 of our $300.00 deductible has already been paid.That is ridiculous!The vet took extra precautions to ensure that my dog would be alright during his PL operation.The high end total that was approved was $1841.43...the bill submitted with the $65.80 charge for the bile acid test was $1630.83.This was well within the approved perimeters and was associated with the PL problem in regard to the amount of anesthetic. Which may or may not of caused problems during the operation if the vet had not done his due diligence.REALLY! Now we have to remember for the next 12-15 years that we have a credit on our deductible...but only if it is a liver problem....if he ever even has this problem.
Your policy needs a little leeway in some situations. If there had been complications it would of cost you more than $65.80!
Client ID:15154 Invoice #:141026 Policy# TC0001569686

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