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Ballast Pointe Ivanhoe (Ivan) Is a AKC Senior Hunt Title Dog. His injury was cause at a Senior hunt test in Arlington Arizona, where he had to retrieved 155 yards land to water to land to water to pick up a "Mark Fly Over Duck" on the pond. Somehow, he chipped his front lower tooth and it was sharp enough, he ended up with a 1.5mm sliced under his tongue! Blood was shown around his mouth with a duck in hands! He did passed his final round 4 in the Senior Hunt Test with his injury! Remarkable!
I was please how Healthy Paw handled the claim. Most importantly not all Pet Insurance Company will cover the injury. The injury has to be specific to meet the adjuster requirements. Make sure, You as a dog/cat owner understands what type of insurance you think your dog/cat will need in order to cover his/her activity level. My dog is very active and participate in a series of hunt test. A Healthy Dog makes a Happy owner!

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Tooth-Dental Works
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Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

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1 - 8

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