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If you are looking for a great pet insurance company, look no further than Healthy Paws. Their service to our family has been excellent since day one. They responded in a timely manner to all my questions prior to signing up and made it so easy to know what were the coverages for each dog. There were no complicated coverage schedule, deductible policies or annual caps. And when we needed help the most they were there for us.
Our little Pomeranian, Porsche, had a severe pneumonia infection and had to receive oxygen therapy for a week. The bills were mounting up (because oxygen is so expensive) and we were so worried about how were we going to continue to pay for treatment. Healthy Paws not only responded to my claims within 48 hours, they were also extremely sympathetic when I called them asking when payment will be released. Their customer service representative was so caring and kind during this extremely difficult time. I was a complete emotional wreck and the service agent just couldn't have been any sweeter. They were willing to work with us to release reimbursement as soon as possible so we wouldn't have to worry about finances and could just focus on getting her better. It really helped us continue to fight for her knowing we had help. When our precious angel succumbed to the illness, Healthy Paws was right there again helping us. They sent us their condolences immediately and told us they would cancel the policy and reimburse us for that month's premium. We even received our final reimbursement check within a week of her passing so we didn't need to worry about incurring interest fees on our credit card.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this company and their people. They really care about providing quality service and coverage for our furry loved ones. I think they are even better than human health insurance companies!

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Pneumonia Infection
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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