Absolute scam!!!

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Our dog was on the wellness puppy plan. He broke his leg and they told us we would need to renew our plan early so he could have the "free" X-ray. They told us he needed surgery and would need to bring in a special surgeon and we'd get a discount. That was our ONLY option. An estimated cost of $3500-$5000!!!! With the savings!!! We took him elsewhere and the vet set his leg and did follow up care for a total of $300!!! It healed beautifully. We called and told them we were lured into renewing under false pretenses and were told too bad. We ended up regaining our dog in July of the following year (plan set to expire in August) notified them and thought we were done. 8 month later they are STILL drafting our account!!! Corporate said they weren't notified until February and refunded 3 months worth but told us we had to dispute the other 5 months with the specific location that we signed with. This is absolutely ridiculous! Now I'm told the office manager is out for the next several weeks!!!! Where's my $???? They would be after me with penalty fees included if I didn't make a payment to them but doeskin seem to matter when the shoe's on the other foot!!!

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Broken leg
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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