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So, it's a bit frustrating because we started out dog young on the plan and it turned out to be very helpful when we found out our dog has terrible environmental & food allergies, but the food allergies causes us to have to feed our dog prescription food that costs $87 a bag of dry and $78 for 24 cans. Trupanion was reimbursing us 50% when suddenly, 2 years in, they told us "OOPS! We made a mistake, we were only underwritten to reimburse you guys 50% of the food for 2 months, but we won't recollect back the money we saved you"... WHAT?!! :| Seriously?
*sigh* Basically Now that we chose Trupanion as our provider for our then puppy, we will not find another insurance company that will cover our now dog for a good price, so, we're stuck with Trupanion or no coverage, which we can't do because of costs, which have gone up every year BTW, so, be prepared for that!
Our little dog, was already an older dog when we signed him up and those monthly payments did nothing for us so we currently have gone down to the minimum of $1000 deductible for $35 a month premium. We're contemplating getting rid of that too, but we're afraid he'll get a tumor and then it will have all been for naught.

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