Had a claim during the 30 day Free Trial

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Our 12 week Bernese puppy swallowed 2 small socks that belonged to our senior dog. As they didn't look like they were coming out any time soon...we took her in to see our vet and they induced vomiting. Xrays showed that she had socks still lodged in her colon and gave us further instructions. The next day we received an email from Trupanion and although I had already signed up for the monthly coverage, I didn't realize that this incident was in fact covered under the 30 day trial. I was surprised to receive a few days later, another email explaining that my claim has been approved and it listed the coverage and what was not covered. Several days later I received a cheque in the mail for the exact amount stated and the email and this was all under the 30 day Free Trial. I was quite pleased that the entire process was so easy. I didn't need to file any paperwork, or talk to anyone trying to prove I should get coverage, it was simply automatic! love it!

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Foreign ingestion
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Bernese Mountain Dog

Age of Pet
Under a year

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