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I have two dogs: a german shepherd & a lab. They will be a year old this month. My lab is very much a typical lab: curious & clumsy. In the past year she's eaten the Christmas tree, half of a chocolate cake, and split her ear in half while playing outside. Without my healthy paws pet insurance I'd still be paying off her vet bills. My german shepherd isn't clumsy but he is more likely to get sick. Both he and the lab had mites which required medication with a pretty hefty price tag. The scariest vet visit we've had so far was (two) emergency trip/ to the vet that ended with two overnight stays. My shepherd was diagnosed with pnemonia with a dangerously high fever. The lab had a mild version of the same illness-an upper respiratory infection without pnemonia. They've had several rounds of antibiotics, cough medicine, nose spray, nebulizers, and of course the ever expensive hospital stay. Healthy paws has been amazing. I send a picture of my invoice and within days i have a reimbursement check. Through these past few weeks alone our bills would have totaled over 3,000 dollars. Thanks to healthy paws we're only paying about 500. Every pet parent should have healthy paws--thanks to them I can sleep at night knowing my babies are covered! I did a lot of research before purchasing and healthy paws lives up to their reputation 110%, they even email to check in on how my dogs were doing after their recent illness! I would never went to be faced with a decision between the best care for my pet and my wallet. Luckily with healthy paws I don't have to.

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Skin problem

Mites, laceration, upper respiratory infection, pnemonia
Claim Amount
Over $1000

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
Under a year

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