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Sam, our Golden Retriever is 8 years old. He's always been healthy and happy and has a heart of gold. We'd do anything for him. He suddenly started to get tired on walks and within a week he developed severe breathing problems (where he couldn't even get up). After a couple of trips to the vet he was hospitalized. While in the ICU in the hospital Sam was placed on oxygen and went through a battery of diagnostic tests which determined he likely had lung cancer. We were devastated. Everyone prepared us to lose him quickly. But he powered through and was released from the hospital after 4 long days. He's doing very well on treatment and has a good quality of life. We can't say enough good things about our experiences with Trupanion. They are extremely quick in reimbursing out of pocket expenses; they allow the vet and the hospital to direct bill and follow-up with us over the phone to make sure that we have everything we need (they truly care about what's best for the animal). Simply, Sam would not be here if it weren't for Trupanion (we just would not be able to afford all of the tests, the hospital stay and the vet/medication bills). Trupanion was there for us from day one (an active and caring partner) and we are so thankful to them, as they gave us our Sam back.

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