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We brought our pet in for a routine vaccine 3/12 and the receptionist encouraged us to sign up for the free 30 trial with Trupanion. She set up the account and we recieved the email later that day.
Imagine my surprise when in less than 24 hours we were back at the vets 3/13 as our dog was lethargic and unable to walk. His body temp. had dropped, his heart heart was slow, and he was non responsive. He ended having to have fluids and stay overnight. Everything was happening so quickly and the expenses were rapidly increaseing. Suddendly I remembered the 30 day trail and asked about it never imagineing that it would cover anything but I was delgihtfully wrong as they stepped in to cover most of the expenses.

Having pet insurance is well worth it.

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bradcardia, hypothermia
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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